Property Checkout Reports

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Property Checkout Reports

A check out report is compiled immediately at the end of a tenancy.

The report is carried out prior to any cleaners, maintenance contractors etc entering the property.

Our photographic report will also highlight the condition and contents of the property against the original inventory and check in reports, whilst allowing for fair wear and tear.

Meter readings for all utilities will be gathered and the correct number of keys recorded. 

Property Checkout Reports FAQs

The property will be inspected at the check-out by way of carrying out a checkout inventory, where the cleanliness and condition described at check-in and the cleanliness and condition on check-out will be compared. The report that is delivered to the agent or landlord will make note of any discrepancies.

It’s crucial to start with a strong Inventory Schedule of Conditions or Check-in. Tenants are required to clean the property to the same standard as stated in the inventory schedule of condition at the end of the rental period.

The landlord may deduct repair, replacement, or additional cleaning charges from the tenant’s security deposit if anything is different and deemed to be beyond normal wear and tear.

Check Out reports are essential when tenants move out because the tenant wants their deposit returned and the landlord needs to be sure they can make a deduction if necessary.


A second-hand table shouldn’t be replaced with a brand-new one since anything that needs to be fixed or replaced should be done so “like for like.”

The tenant(s) must return the property at the end of the tenancy in the same state in which it was first leased, “allowing for fair wear and tear.” Unless another arrangement has been made, the landlord is typically liable for covering any check-out appointment and report costs.


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