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Property Inspections

A full photographic report is produced within this inspection.

An interim inspection is made part way through a tenancy and looks at the condition of the property, its contents, and any issues there may be. It can also be used to identify if any of the property requires repair, restoration or maintenance or is in need of decoration.

An in-depth inspection report may also assist at the end of tenancy as evidence should there be any deposit disputes post checkout.

Mid Term / Property Inspections FAQs

During the tenancy, an interim property report is done to give the landlord an idea of how the property is currently holding up. It should aim to draw attention to any upkeep problems and/or anticipate any possible problems, such as unauthorised occupation, pets, smoking, and any known anti-social behaviour.

After a new tenant has moved into a home, interim reports, also known as property inspections, are crucial and advised. 

During inspections, our inventory clerks will cover their shoes and take general photos as well as brief comments.

For a property inspection, the property should be generally tidy and clean. Any maintenance problems should be reported right away by the tenant to the landlord or letting agent. 

We will photograph the interior of the building in general and in more depth if there is a problem that needs to be rectified. The goal of the mid-term visit is to confirm that everything is in compliance with the tenancy agreement and that there are no signs of subletting, unpermitted pets, or other wrongdoing.

Property inspections make sure the property is being well-maintained and that there are no maintenance or health and safety issues, routine inspections are conducted.


Mid-term inspections are also the ideal time to identify any issues with the property, confirm that tenants are upholding their end of the tenancy agreement, and make sure there is no subletting, wall painting in a different colour, carpet replacement, curtain removal or addition, or engaging in any illegal activity.

Ultimately, Mid Term / Property Inspections will protect your capital investment.


Both the landlord and the tenant benefit from interim property inspections to ensure that everything is proceeding according to plan, that the tenant has fully settled in, and that all conditions are as expected. On the other side, it is advantageous for the Landlord to be aware of any defects within the property to ensure compliance of The Repairing Standard, contained in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 which covers the legal and contractual obligations of private landlords to ensure that a property meets a minimum physical standard.


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